Solar Energy Lighting For Your Home

Solar energy lighting can be used to enhance your home's outdoor features or for providing natural interior lighting.

There are two primary applications of solar lighting that you can use for your home:

  • Outdoor Solar Lighting
  • Daylighting

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting uses photovoltaic solar power technology to convert solar energy into solar electricity. This energy is collected and stored during the day and is used to power the light during the night.

Solar lights have many uses...

Solar lights provide a flexible alternative for outdoor designs. They are easily placed and moved without the need for trenching or running electrical power from your home. They also come in a wide variety of designs that can enhance any landscape.

If you are interested in solar lighting, take a look at Malibu solar lights for a wide selection of external solar lighting options.

Another application of solar lighting is daylighting...


Daylighting is a passive solar energy application that uses natural light from the sun to illuminate your home.

Using passive solar design principles to properly position and size your windows as well as to provide appropriate shading, you can effectively light your home naturally. For rooms that don't have windows, a solar tube can be used to bring in natural light.

Daylighting enhances your living quality by bringing indirect natural light into your home, providing a pleasing connection to the outdoors. This reduces your electricity use and costs but does require careful planning to manage heat gain and loss, control glare, and to account for the available sunlight during the day.

Lighting Your Home With Solar Energy

Solar lighting provides you with both active solar energy and passive solar energy approaches that you can use for your home.

A solar light using photovoltaic solar power technology for power can be used individually or in sets to enhance your homes outdoor living spaces. At the same time, daylighting can be used to provide natural interior lighting that brings a pleasant feeling to your home.

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