Outdoor Solar Lighting Guide

Outdoor solar lighting can improve your homes appearance, safety, and security.

Today's solar lights provide great landscaping solutions for your home. They come in many different designs and sizes to meet any landscaping design need.

Outdoor Solar Lighting in a GardenOutdoor Solar Lighting in a Garden

Some solar energy lighting applications they can be used for are...

But beyond just looks, solar powered lights can help make your home safe and secure.

They can easily be used along a dark path to guide your family and visitors safely to your home. In addition, solar security lights can be used to automatically turn on when something moves into the path of its sensors.

Why Solar Lights?

In addition to their versatility around the home, there are other advantages of using solar powered lights...

  • No wiring to run
  • Minimal operational costs
  • Low purchase cost
  • Energy savings
  • Pollution-free
  • Quick and easy installations
  • No electrician needed
  • Great for remote locations

How Solar Lights Work

Solar lights have the following components...

  • Solar cell to convert sunlight into electricity during the day
  • Rechargeable battery to store the electricity generated by the solar cell
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) to provide the light
  • Photoresistor to detect when there isn't any light
  • Control circuit board to send power to the LED when the photoresistor indicates there isn't any light
  • External casing to provide protection to the components

During the day, the solar cell generates solar power electricity and stores it in the rechargeable battery. When the controller receives the signal from the photoresistor that it is dark, it routes the power from the battery to the LED in order to turn it on and produce light.

Tip... To take full advantage of your solar lights, you need to make sure they are placed in a location where the solar cells can get full sunlight during the day. This will help ensure their batteries gets fully charged.

Tip... You also will want to position the lights so that the photoresistors aren't near a bright light source in order to make sure the LEDs turn on when the Sun sets.

Solar Lights for Your Home

Outdoor solar lighting is a great way for getting started with solar energy. Installing solar powered lights doesn't require any electrical skill or knowledge and makes a great DIY solar energy project.

What are you waiting for? Light up YOUR house with solar lights!

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