Mission Solar Lights

Mission solar lights are the latest improvement on a style that has been around for more than a hundred years.

Solar Mission Style Lighting

Mission Style Background

Mission style architecture is inspired by the churches built by colonial Spanish missionaries in the Americas. This architectural movement began in California in the late 19th century. This style did spread eastward, but most mission style homes are located in the Southwestern United States.

The colonial Spanish missions built in the 18th century reflect the fact that the missionaries had very limited materials for their construction. This results in certain characteristics common to this style...

  • Massive walls built out of adobe
  • Smooth stucco, stone, or brick exteriors
  • Arched entryways
  • Round windows
  • Red tile roofs

Mission Style Lights

The simplicity of the mission style architecture carries over into the lighting fixtures used with this style. Mission style lights are characterized by...

  • Strong lines based on rectilinear shapes
  • Usage of thick, solid material
  • Exposed joinery

Solar Mission Style Lights

Solar lighting is becoming more popular, so it is no surprise that you can now purchase solar mission lights. The same features that characterize traditional mission style lighting are now available in solar powered lights.

Solar mission style lamps operate the same way as other solar lights. In addition to the lighting fixture itself, they will also have a small solar panel, rechargeable battery and a photo-resistor.

The solar panel will capture sunlight during the day and convert it into DC electricity. This electricity will be used to charge a small battery. The battery will store the power for use when it turns dark. Once it turns dark the photo-resistor will allow the battery to send power to the light fixture.

Some of the styles you can purchase are...

When purchasing mission solar lights, you should look at the product descriptions to see what material the light fixture is made out of. Some will be made out of plastic while others will be made out of metal. The metal lights will tend to be more expensive, but will have a longer life span.

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