Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Homeowners have a wide selection of solar powered Christmas lights to choose from.

If you enjoy decorating your yard for the holidays, have you considered using solar Christmas lights this year?

There are a large variety of lights you can choose from...

For a full list of each type, take a look at

our page on Solar Christmas Lights.

Because of the large selection of Christmas solar lights available, homeowners are now able to use solar energy for all of their outdoor holiday lighting!

Cost Savings

Not only is this great for the environment, but you can completely eliminate the extra utility charges that are due to your outdoor holiday lights! Forget about that noticeable spike in your January utility bill.

Not only do Christmas solar lights save you money with your utility bill, but due to their use of long-lasting LED bulbs, these lights will last for many years. The LED bulbs in today's solar lights can last for tens of thousands of hours. As a result, with proper care and storage, you won't need to spend money buying replacement strands of lights.


One of the main advantages to using solar powered Christmas lights is their flexibility. Unlike traditional Christmas lights, solar lights do not need a power outlet nearby. This allows you to decorate the furthest reaches of your yard without a mass of ugly extension cords running from your home.

Ease of Use

Another benefit of solar holiday lights is that they automatically turn on when it starts to get dark without any involvement from you. They are completely hands-free! For traditional holiday lights, you can accomplish this by purchasing a timer, but this isn't necessary with solar lights.

Each strand of solar Christmas lights has its own photoresistor which activates the lights at dusk. When the photoresistor indicates that it is getting dark, the controller for the lights sends power from the batteries to turn he lights on. This doesn't require any configuration by the homeowner, it all happens automatically.

Want more information about how solar lights work? Then take a look at our page on Outdoor Solar Lighting.

Get Started Now

If you decorate your home with Christmas lights during the holiday season, why not start to use solar Christmas lights?

If you aren't ready to decorate your entire yard with solar lights, start with a remote corner that is challenging to decorate with traditional lights. This will give you an opportunity to compare solar powered Christmas lights with traditional lights.

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