Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights make it so easy to light up your whole yard!

Benefits of Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Beginning in late November, festive homeowners across the nation begin to put up holiday and Christmas lights. Their homes are beautiful at night, but during the day you can see a tangle of extension cords across the yard. Additionally, when the monthly utility bill arrives it's clear to see the financial impact as well, with a noticeable spike in the amount due in December and January.

Replacing or expanding your traditional Christmas lights with solar powered holiday lights can overcome these issues while having other advantages as well.

The benefits of solar powered Christmas lights include...

  • Eliminate the need for extension cords
  • Ability to place lights where there aren't any power outlets nearby
  • Reduce your electricity usage
  • Reduce your holiday utility bills
  • Long-life LED bulbs
  • Large variety of solar holiday lights to choose from

How Christmas Solar Lights Work

Christmas solar lights have several components that enable them to operate during the night...

  • A photovoltaic cell to convert sunlight into electricity
  • A rechargeable battery to store the electricity provided by the PV cell
  • A series of LED, or light emitting diode, lamps
  • A photoresistor for detecting when it is getting dark
  • A controller board for sending power from the battery to the Christmas lights when the photoresistor indicates it is dark

During the day, the solar cell converts the sunlight that hits it into DC electricity which is stored in a rechargeable battery. When the photoresistor indicates that it is dark, the controller board will send power from the battery to the LED string to turn them on.

Types of Solar Christmas Lights

Solar String Lights

Like their traditional counterparts, solar string lights are made up of individual extra-bright LED lamps. You can purchase them in different colors and can use them along roof lines, decks, and in trees.

Find: Solar String Lights

Solar Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are a holiday favorite. Along roof lines, windows, or deck railings, solar icicle lights look spectacular.

Find: Solar Icicle Lights

Solar Rope Lights

Solar rope lights are made up of small LED lamps spaced about 1 inch apart. They are covered in a heavy-duty plastic tubing. This makes them very durable and long-lasting. They are also flexible and can be bent into different shapes for more decorating options.

Find: Solar Rope Lights

Solar Net Lights

Solar net lights are great for decorating bushes and trees for the holidays. A quick and easy option for covering a larger area.

Find: Solar Net Lights

Solar Stake Lights

If you're looking for a special shape or figure, a solar stake light (aka solar light stick) is the answer. Solar light sticks are made in a variety of different shapes such as snowmen, stars, and snowflakes. Just stick them in the ground or fasten them to a post and you're all set.

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