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In This Issue...

  1. Solar Energy Grants
  2. What's New on
  3. Upcoming Solar Energy Events

Solar Energy Grants

In the January 2011 edition of Solar Energy Alerts! I showed you how you can find out the amount of money a solar PV system can save you. But now that you know how much money you can save, do you know where you can find financial help?

There are actually several ways you can finance your solar power project. This month, we’ll focus on solar energy grants.

What is a Solar Energy Grant?

A grant is simply money that is awarded to you. Unlike a loan, you don’t have to pay back the money. As you can probably guess, a solar energy grant is a grant that is awarded specifically for the purpose of offsetting the costs of a solar energy system. So this is definitely something you want to take advantage of if you can qualify.

Solar grant programs are meant to encourage the use and development of solar technologies. Most are designed to pay down the cost of the systems and equipment... Read More

What's New on was featured as a "Green Resource" this month by eLocal helps consumers find businesses in their local neighborhood by giving them access to their comprehensive and user friendly directories.

Take a look at this blog post I wrote for their site:
Go Solar by Taking Advantage of Solar PV Modularity

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Upcoming Solar Energy Events

Featured Solar Energy Events

These are the events that readers have submitted to our database...

Other Solar Energy Events

Here are some other solar and renewable energy events that you may be interested in attending...

Date Location Event
Feb 2 Westwood, MA, USA Solar Energy Seminar: Is Solar Right For You?
Feb 3 Maui, HI, USA Solar Education Seminar
Feb 3 Phoenix, AZ, USA Solar Tax Strategies for Building Owners
Feb 3 Fairbanks, AK, USA COMMERCIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
Feb 5 Charles Sturt, Australia Living Green Expo
Feb 5 Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA Free Solar Power Energy Seminar
Feb 8 Maynard, MA, USA Maynard Solar Seminar
Feb 9 Fairbanks, AK, USA COMMERCIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
Feb 9-11 Loveland, CO, USA Solar Power Colorado
Feb 10 Canberra, Australia Making Solar Cells Better with Buddhist Singing Bowls
Feb 12-13 Omaha, NE, USA Green Living Health Expo
Feb 15 Las Vegas, NV, USA Rooftop Photovoltaics: Energizing Your Business
Feb 16 London, UK Renewable Power Technologies
Feb 16 Honolulu, HI, USA The Solar Energy Course for Architects, Engineers & Contractors
Feb 16-17 Worcesteshire, UK Energy Now Expo 2011
Feb 16-18 Goyang, Korea Expo Solar | PV Korea 2011
Feb 16-19 Phoenix, AZ, USA 4th Annual AEE Solar Dealer Conference
Feb 17 Anchorage, AK, USA COMMERCIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
Feb 17 Mechelen, Belgium Grid Connection of Small Wind Turbine Systems
Feb 17-18 Denver, CO, USA Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit
Feb 17-18 New Delhi, India India Solar Energy Summit
Feb 17-19 Mumbai, India Renewtech India 2011
Feb 19 Anchorage, AK, USA COMMERCIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
Feb 19-20 Hattiesburg, MS, USA Sustainable Living: 2011 Conference
Feb 21-23 Zhengzhou, China Central Solar Industry Expo 2011
Feb 22 Jackson, MS, USA Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems
Feb 22-23 Melbourne, Australia Solar Power Australia 2011
Feb 22-24 Shanghai, China SNEC PV Power Expo 2011
Feb 23 Ipswich, MA Ipswich Free Solar Energy Seminar: The Technology, the costs, the incentives
Feb 26-27 Des Moines, IA, USA Green Living Health Expo
Feb 27 Hyderabad Press Club, Pakistan Solar Energy Application - One Day Seminar
Mar 1-3 Raleigh, NC, USA Solar Training Summit For Installers
Mar 3-4 Miami, FL, USA MiaGreen Expo & Conference
Mar 4-5 Boston, MA, USA MIT Energy Conference
Mar 10 Staten Island, NY, USA 2011 Staten Island Green & Clean Expo
Mar 10-13 Istanbul, Turkey Solar & PV Technologies Exhibition
Mar 17 Campbell, CA, USA Free Solar Seminar at the Home Depot
Mar 19-20 Ottawa, Canada Ottawa Green Expo
Mar 19-21 Wuhan, China China Solar Brand Products Expo
Mar 22 Exeter, UK Renewable Energy Expo
Mar 25-27 Xi'an, China 2011 Western China Solar and PV Industry Expo
Mar 26 Fredonia, NY Chautauqua County Green Expo
Mar 26-27 Madison, WI, USA Green Living Health Expo
Mar 28 Milan, Italy PV Technology Briefing
Apr 2-3 Fargo, ND, USA Green Living Health Expo
Apr 3-5 Philadelphia, PA, USA PV America 2011
Apr 9 Bakersfield, CA Greater Bakersfield Green Expo
Apr 12-14 Atlantic City, NJ, USA Solar Training Summit For Installers
Apr 12-14 Nanjing, China Clean Energy World Expo
Apr 13 New York, NY, USA Green Products Expo
Apr 15-16 Phoenix, AZ, USA BIG Green Expo & Conference
Apr 15-17 Los Angeles, CA, USA Go Green Expo
Apr 16 Plano, TX, USA Live Green Expo
Apr 19 Hagerstown, MD Go Green Expo
Apr 19-21 Mumbai, India PV + Solar India Expo 2011
Apr 21 Vienna, VA, USA 3rd Annual Vienna Green Expo
Apr 25 - May 1 Portland, OR, USA Northwest Solar Expo & Clean Technology Showcase
Apr 28 New York, NY, USA Building Green Expo & Workshops
Apr 30 Peterborough, ON, Canada 8th Annual Green Expo 2011
Apr 30 Brooklyn, NY, USA Green Getaways: Local Food & Travel Expo
May 5-6 Ontario, Canada Solar Ontario 2011
May 7-8 Saint Paul, MN, USA Living Green Expo
May 13-15 Vancouver, Canada EPIC: Sustainable Living Expo | Green Living Exhibition
May 13-15 Timonium, MD, USA The Solar and Wind Expo
May 14-15 Boise, ID, USA 4th Annual Idaho Green Expo
May 30-31 Vancouver, Canada Solar West 2011
Jun 10-12 Kingston, Jamaica JCDT Green Expo 2011
Jun 24-26 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Renewable Energy & Environment Conference 2011
Jun 11-12 King of Prussia PA, USA The Solar and Wind Expo
Jul 12-14 San Francisco, CA, USA Intersolar North America
Sep 5-9 Hamburg, Germany 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Oct 11-12 London, UK Energy Solutions 2011
Oct 22-23 Sioux Falls, SD, USA Green Living Health Expo

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In Closing...

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