How is Solar Energy Used?

How is solar energy used?  Today's solar energy uses are indicators of the future of solar energy...

In the future, solar energy will be the largest source of global energy.

But many homeowners are already taking advantage of today's solar energy technology. They are saving money and saving the environment.

Let's take a look at how solar energy is used by these forward thinking homeowners.

Well, there are four basic uses of solar energy...

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Heating
  • Solar Cooling
  • Solar Lighting

Solar Electricity

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity for your home using photovoltaic solar cells. These solar cells are combined into the solar panels that you see on many rooftops today. When you connect the solar panels to an inverter, you can use the electricity they generate with any electronic device in your home.

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Solar Heating

Solar energy can be used to heat your home, your domestic water, or your swimming pool. Using solar collectors, the radiant energy from the Sun is captured and converted into heat. Solar heating systems collect, store, and distribute this heat using passive or active solar energy methods.

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Solar Cooling

Solar cooling takes advantage of the Sun when it is most needed...

...In the hot summer months!

The three basic approaches to solar cooling are passive cooling, solar thermal cooling, and photovoltaic cooling.

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Solar Lighting

Solar energy lighting can be used to enhance your home's outdoor features or to provide natural interior lighting. The two primary applications of solar lighting are outdoor solar lighting and daylighting.

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The Many Uses of Solar Energy

So, how is solar energy used by homeowners?

The main uses for solar energy are solar electricity, solar heating, solar cooling, and solar lighting.

Now that you know how solar energy is used, you may be wondering why you should use solar energy in the first place. If so, check out our Why Use Solar Energy? page. You'll find that the future of solar energy is bright!

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