Solar Universe Webinar

by Susan Kahler
(Livermore, CA USA)

The growth of Solar will require many more qualified installers. Contractors, sales people and entrepreneurs need work and will try to fill this gap, however they will be at a tremendous disadvantage — find out why. The ability for installers to plug into a larger platform with financing, volume discounts and marketing is CRITICAL… this is the Solar Universe business model.

Research and development for new products and services in the solar market will expand rapidly. How will you choose which products you work with? Which ones are designed to last? Which will operate as advertised? Which can you stand behind? Technology will improve quickly in the solar industry and many installers will experience difficulty in choosing products that meet their business objectives.

Developing a winning strategy in the solar market will not be easy. Those models that win will include: product distribution, branding, customer financing, ongoing training/support and credibility. Let's face it, a solar installation is not a small investment, to win, the installer must demonstrate capability, trust and compelling value. What is the right strategy to carve out a business in solar?

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