Solar Fest 2009

by Bill C.
(San Antonio)

This will be the area's first 100% renewably-powered event!

Learn about renewable energy technologies, sustainable living, and green building techniques. An ever expanding variety of products and services showcase the best of solar technology, recycling, energy efficient materials, hybrid and electric vehicles and more.

This renewable energy event will include...

* Live music on a solar powered stage
* Solar and other renewable energy technologies
* Green building
* Sustainable living
* Conservation, preservation, recycling
* Hybrid and electric vehicles
* Children's activities and entertainment
* Goodwill clothing recycling drive
* Nike reUSE A SHOE: Turn your old sports shoes into places to play!
* CPS Energy free tree giveaway, first come first serve

When: May 2, 2009
Cost: FREE admission & parking
Where: Maverick Park, San Antonio, TX

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