Smart Electricity World Asia 2010

by Christine Foo

Smart Electricity World Asia 2010

Smart Electricity World Asia 2010

Come April 2010, over 400 utility leaders and leading technology experts will gather at Smart Electricity World Asia to discuss tested strategies, best practices and innovations in elevating the electricity industry in Asia to a whole new paradigm.

Over 4 days, this event is designed to give stakeholders across the entire electricity value chain a deeper insight into different strategic, technical and operational issues surrounding smart electricity adoption and implementation.

Encompassing a high-level strategic conference with multiple streams, a technical symposium, multiple workshops, a technology showcase and an inaugural Smart Electricity Initiative Awards, this event is designed for all different stakeholders and different job functions in the entire electricity sector. Whether you are a CEO, a technical expert or an operation manager, we have something for you.

Contact person: Christine Foo

When: April 5-8 April 2010
Where: Singapore
Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Singapore

Website: Smart Electricity World Asia 2010

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