PHOTON's Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series 2012 USA

by Wiebke Gottschalk
(San Francisco, CA)

PHOTON's Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series 2012 USA

PHOTON's Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series 2012 USA

This solar conference will provide decision makers in the fields of business & technology with comprehensive updates on the new investment opportunities and challenges in the solar power sector.

Topics covered include...

  • Supply, demand & pricing: Overview on current and emerging markets
  • Production technology: Latest trends in manufacturing silicon, wafers, cells and thin-film modules
  • Investments / start-ups: Insights from stock-listed market leaders and promising new solar companies
  • Cost reduction: How to decrease costs for key products all along the PV value chain
  • Utility-scale systems: Strategies of downstream leaders, project developers and utilities for big solar power plants
  • Grid connection & inverters: Concepts for low-cost, high-efficiency inverters for connecting large amounts of solar reliably and safely to the grid

February 1st -2nd, 2012
Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF
San Francisco, USA

Tel. +1-415-509-5296

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