Penn State Solar Energy Conference

by Liz
(College Station, PA)

The Penn State Solar Energy Conference will focus on three topics:

  • New economic incentives that have improved the viability and business case of solar power in the Northeast

  • New business opportunities and the potential workforce development challenges we face in rebuilding our regional and national economy

  • Impacts of new technologies on the extensive deployment of residential- and commercial-scale solar energy systems

May 6 Agenda
* Welcome
* Financial Models
* Building a Solar Business
* Solar 101
* Solar Technology Pipeline
* Morningstar Tour
* Reception

May 7 Agenda
* Welcome
* Solar and Our Energy Future
* Selecting Financing Strategies and Policies
* Business Development - Lessons Learned
* Workforce Development
* Getting Connected - Navigating Interconnection Rules
* Preview of PV America
* Solar Policy Innovation
* Porfolio Standards - Driving Solar Forward
* Policy Directions
* Building Integration - Solar and Energy Efficiency
* Education Programs and Challenges
* Grid / Utility Impacts

When: May 6-7, 2009
Where: State College, PA

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