Opportunity Green 2009

by Samantha

Opportunity Green Sustainable Business Conference

Opportunity Green Sustainable Business Conference

The Opportunity Green Sustainable Business Conference 2009 will give you the insight, inspiration, tools and resources you need to create and implement sustainable business solutions.

Going green is more than just a challenge for businesses, it's an opportunity.

You'll have the opportunity to...

  • Join today‚Äôs brightest leaders and innovators at the forefront of the green business revolution.
  • Forge new strategic partnerships and explore the latest in sustainable strategies and best practices to lead your organization to success.
  • Get the inside view on the hottest topics, trends and technologies at the premier green business event focused on creating new opportunities through sustainability.
Some of the topics that will be discussed include...
  • Product Innovation & Design for Sustainability
  • How Leading Fortune 500's are Implementing Sustainability for Growth
  • The State of Green Venture Capital and Branding for Green Business
  • The Future of Hybrid Cars
  • Going Green Globally
  • What's Hot/Not in Green Business

When: November 7-8, 2009
Where: Los Angeles, California
Location: UCLA Covel Commons

Website: Opportunity Green 2009

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