Easy Solar Projects Workshop

(Santa Cruz, CA)

The Easy Solar Projects Workshop will provide the basic expertise needed to complete a small solar project. It will cover simple systems including...

The first portion of the class will consist of a lecture that introduces students to the basic concepts and vocabulary of solar engineering. The second portion will be a demonstration of how a solar-powered light should be installed in an outdoor setting.

Topics will include...Today it is easy to purchase state-of-the-art solar components almost anywhere; more difficulty lies in understanding the design fundamentals. Come spend a few hours learning the basics from a professional so that you can bring the power of the sun into your yard, too!

When: September 24,2011
Where: Santa Cruz,CA

Website: http://www.growbetterveggies.com/growbetterveggies/2011/08/workshop-easy-solar-projects.html

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