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In This Issue...

  1. Focus On: Why is Solar Energy Important to You?
  2. What's New on
  3. Upcoming Solar Energy Events

Focus On: Why is Solar Energy Important to You?

Welcome to the June 2010 edition of Solar Energy Alerts!

We each have our own personal reasons for wanting to promote solar energy.

For some, their primary interest in solar energy stems from their desire to help the environment. Others are interested in saving money over the long-term. And then some people are interested in energy independence. The list can go on indefinitely...

As for me, there are several reasons why solar is important. But the driver behind all of those reasons is that solar energy can meet our energy demand and allow us to live in harmony with nature.

I describe my "Solar Energy Vision" in my About page. Here's an excerpt...

I see a future where...
  • Every home is designed with passive solar energy elements to take advantage of the Sun
  • Every home is built out of building materials that have solar technology integrated directly into the materials to efficiently capture the Sun's energy for electricity and heat
  • Every home is self-sufficient and a net energy producer
  • Energy production and use has no negative impact on the Earth
  • Homeowners can maintain a "modern" lifestyle while having a positive impact on the Earth

How about you? Why is solar energy important to you? I invite you to share your thoughts on this on a page I've created specifically for Solar-Energy-At-Home readers...

Why is Solar Energy Important to You?

What's New on

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Upcoming Solar Energy Events

Featured Solar Energy Events

These are the events that readers have submitted to our database...

Other Solar Energy Events

Here are some other solar and renewable energy events that you may be interested in attending...

Date Location Event
Jun 1-2 Washington, D.C., USA Washington Regional Green Roofs & Walls Conference and Training
Jun 1-2 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia Regional Seminar on Science, Technology, and Social Sciences
Jun 1-3 Online Virtual Conference Green IT Week
Jun 2-4 Nairobi, Kenya Green Business Africa Summit & Expo 2010
Jun 5-6 Changhua, Taiwan Green Energy Technology & Management
Jun 5-10 Brasilia, Brazil Children and Youth International Conference - Let's Take Care of the Planet
Jun 23-24 Canberra, Australia Healthy Climate, Planet & People; co-benefits for health from action on climate change
Jun 23-25 San Francisco, CA, USA 4th Annual Concentrated Solar Power Summit USA
Jun 28-29 London, UK Innovate to Survive: Engineers for a One Planet Future

Do you know of any solar energy or green-living events happening in your area? Add them to the database using our online Submit Form. It's quick and easy.

In Closing...

Is there a residential solar energy topic you'd like more information about? If so, let me know through my Contact page (make sure to note that you subscribe to Solar Energy Alerts! so I can put your request to the top of the list). I'm always looking for topics of interest to Solar-Energy-At-Home readers.

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